February 18, 2024

by Bartosz Salamon


In the intricate world of digital marketing, the ascendancy of programmatic advertising has reshaped how brands engage with their audiences, making it a cornerstone of modern advertising strategies. In 2023, the global worth of programmatic advertising neared an impressive $546 billion, with projections indicating a robust year-over-year increase of 9% in 2024. This growth underscores the escalating importance of leveraging sophisticated platforms like Display & Video 360 (DV360) for executing, managing, and optimizing programmatic campaigns. For marketing specialists, managers, and owners of marketing agencies, a deep dive into DV360, starting with a fundamental understanding of DV360 access levels, that are essential for harnessing the full potential of programmatic advertising.

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What is Display & Video 360?

Display & Video 360 (DV360) stands as Google’s premier integrated platform for buying, managing, and optimizing programmatic advertising across a multitude of channels including display, video, TV, and audio. DV360 encompasses a suite of advanced tools designed for media planning, creative development, precise audience targeting, and real-time bidding. Mastery of DV360 empowers marketing professionals to unlock unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their advertising endeavors, tapping into the platform’s extensive capabilities to drive meaningful engagement and maximize campaign ROI.

Understanding DV360 Access Levels

At the core of DV360’s utility is its system of access levels, designed to cater to the diverse needs of teams engaged in programmatic advertising campaigns. These levels range from Reporting-only, which permits basic access to campaign data and reports, to Admin, which grants comprehensive control over all platform functionalities, including user management and billing adjustments.

DV360 access levels Role description
Admin Reserved for partner-level users, Admins wield comprehensive control, managing users, and accessing billing, in addition to standard user capabilities.
Standard Standard users can craft and oversee campaigns, manage creatives, audiences, Floodlight activities, inventory, exchanges, and generate reports, providing a broad operational scope.
Read Only Tailored for those who need to view but not alter campaigns, this level allows users to create reports and view various campaign elements without the ability to edit.
Partner Client A more restricted view, preventing access to financial details, linked partner or advertiser specifics, and certain platform fees, suitable for external collaborators.
Reporting Only Focused on data analysis, users can create and oversee reports, diving deep into campaign performance without access to broader campaign management tools.
Reporting Only – limited A narrower version of the Reporting Only access, confined to generating and managing client-safe reports, ensuring data sensitivity is maintained.
Creative Creatives are empowered to manage creative assets and view non-cost related account data, streamlining the creative process within the campaign framework.
Creative Admin Building on the Creative level, Creative Admins can also appoint other creatives, fostering a collaborative environment for creative development.
Planner Planners gain visibility into all campaigns, creatives, Floodlight activities, and reports, offering a comprehensive overview for strategic planning.
Planner – limited Similar to Planner access but confined to viewing non-cost related data, ensuring strategic insight without exposure to sensitive financial information.

Understanding and strategically assigning these DV360 access levels ensures that each team member operates within their realm of expertise and responsibility, enhancing campaign efficiency and safeguarding critical data. This structured approach to access management underscores DV360’s versatility in catering to the intricate needs of digital marketing teams.

Strategic Management of Access Levels

Effective management of access levels within DV360 is critical for safeguarding sensitive campaign information while ensuring that team workflows are streamlined and productive. Assigning access judiciously based on individual responsibilities and roles within the campaign lifecycle not only enhances operational security but also fortifies the integrity and performance of programmatic initiatives. Regular audits and updates of access privileges as team roles evolve or project demands shift are prudent practices, minimizing risks and aligning platform access with current organizational needs.

Integration with AdsLinkers

The synergy between DV360 and AdsLinkers presents a formidable toolkit for marketing agencies aiming to elevate their programmatic advertising campaigns. This integration facilitates a seamless workflow for data analysis and campaign adjustment based on actionable insights, augmenting DV360’s comprehensive programmatic features with AdsLinkers’ advanced automation and optimization capabilities. Marketers leveraging both platforms can expect not only to streamline campaign management across multiple channels but also to achieve a level of campaign performance and efficiency previously unattainable.


The realm of programmatic advertising, with its vast potential and complexity, demands a nuanced understanding of tools like DV360 and the strategic management of their features, such as access levels. As the programmatic landscape continues to expand, with its global worth poised for further growth, the integration of DV360 with innovative platforms like AdsLinkers represents a forward-thinking approach to digital advertising. By embracing the detailed insights and strategic flexibility offered by these platforms, marketing directors, and agency owners stand to redefine the benchmarks of advertising success in the digital age.


Q: What is DV360 and its role in programmatic advertising?
A: DV360, or Display & Video 360, is Google’s integrated platform for managing programmatic advertising campaigns across various media channels, offering tools for everything from media planning and creative development to audience targeting and real-time bidding.

Q: How significant is programmatic advertising in the current digital marketing landscape?
A: Programmatic advertising is crucial, having grown to a nearly $546 billion market in 2023 with a projected 9% increase in 2024, highlighting its pivotal role in modern digital marketing strategies.

Q: Can you explain the different DV360 access levels?
A: DV360 access levels range from Admin, which allows for comprehensive platform control, to specific roles like Standard for campaign management, Read Only for viewing capabilities, and Creative for managing creatives, each tailored to specific team needs.

Q: How does the ‘Admin’ access level differ from ‘Standard’ in DV360?
A: Admin access grants full control, including user and billing management, available only at the partner level, whereas Standard users can create and manage campaigns and various other elements without accessing billing or user management.

Q: What limitations does the ‘Partner Client’ access level have in DV360?
A: The Partner Client level restricts viewing financial details, linked partner or advertiser specifics, and certain platform fees, focusing on a more general overview.

Q: Why are there distinct ‘Reporting Only’ and ‘Reporting Only — Limited’ access levels?
A: These levels cater to data analysis needs, with ‘Reporting Only’ allowing comprehensive report management, while ‘Reporting Only — Limited’ is designed for creating client-safe reports, ensuring data sensitivity.

Q: What advantages does integrating DV360 with AdsLinkers provide?
A: Integrating DV360 with AdsLinkers streamlines campaign management and enhances data-driven decision-making, leveraging the strengths of both platforms for optimized advertising outcomes.

Q: How can marketing agencies benefit from understanding DV360 access levels?
A: By strategically assigning DV360 access levels, agencies can enhance team efficiency, protect sensitive data, and ensure that each member has the appropriate tools for their role, leading to more effective campaign management.

These Q&A entries provide a concise overview of DV360 and its significance in the programmatic advertising realm, aimed at demystifying the platform for marketing specialists and agency owners.

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